quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Because sometimes we give up of the pretty good to avoid the pretty bad...

Sometimes we want to do something, say something, but we are too afraid of what comes next, afraid of the consequences of that action, words...
What should we do? Take a chance and suffer the consequences or avoid them?

Should we say that thing to that person even if we know we are going to suffer and probably regret of saying it?
Should we stay still and think what would have happened  if we have said that?

Sometimes we have to give up from certain people/things, not because you don't love them and want to say what you really feel, do what you really want, but because it's what is going to protect you from suffering, at list more than what we suffer for not doing it...

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  1. é as vezes é bem dificil entender oque devemos ou não falar.. e fazer... seguir o instinto é uma boa dica!